Tales from the Loop action/dice syntax

Hi everyone,

I’d like to implement a TftL charactersheet for a possible transotion from Roll20 and no premade sheet is available (sadly).
Atm I struggle with the action-mechanics, maybe someone can help me out.
Given are the following attributes:

Conditions are checkboxes, Stats are numbered values.
Every Roll should be: Roll 1d6 for every point in StatA+StatB and substrakt for each Condition1-4 one dice (but leave at least one dice, as long Condition5 is not set, than no roll is allowed or should fail immediately).
In the above example there should be a roll of 3+2-1-1=3d6


the roll would be 1+2-1-1-1-1=1d6 (at least one dice is rolled, unless Cond5 is not checked)
Maybe one can even give a failure notice, if Cond5 is set like “You cannot perfom any action” or something like that.

Every 6 counts as success, there are no failures (except not having a success, of course :wink: ), so you do not need the actual roll results, just the number of sixes.

Is there any syntax, with which you can archive that kind of action? I was not able to figure it out myself using the provided dice roll syntax help :confused:

I hope you can help me to switch to Astral :slight_smile:

Sincerely, Hati

Hello @Hati.

The dice syntax is not exactly simple, but it is pretty capable. Here is what I came up with to achieve what you are after:

!({Condition5==1? 0 : StatA+StatB-Condition1-Condition2-Condition3-Condition4>1? StatA+StatB-Condition1-Condition2-Condition3-Condition4 : 1}d6)

This starts with the simple die roller:


Then, I used a conditional to test first if the Condition5 check box was checked. If so, then it returned a value of 0. Next I used another conditional to test if the StatA+StatB-Condition1-Condition2-Condition3-Condition4 ended up greater than 1. If it failed this test, it simply returned a value of 1, otherwise it used this sum.

Hope this helps!

This helps a lot :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, there might be a little error concerning the condition 5, it still rolls every dice for the stats combined (minus the conditions if checked - which they should be, but I tried without any cond checked).
And it still gives the actual dice eyes instead of only the number of sixes (but I guess, that’s just how Astral is working :confused: )

Another thing I was reminded of was the possibly of rerolling, if you spend one luck-point or check one condition. Afterwards you may reroll every dice which was NOT a six (so you keep your successes).
I do not see to get that into an algorithm or only one sole dice role :frowning:
Roll20 may solve that using a macro or something like that, but there is no such a thing in Astral, I am aware of :frowning:

What I have done on character sheets that require rerolls is provide a manual roll option or just delayed rolls for x number of dice. Then the player can use the delayed roll labeled for the number of die they want to re-roll, such as in the Infinity RPG sheet.


Sorry, I didn’t see the part about only counting sixes. I got too caught up in the conditionals and jumped over to my testbed to get those to work. Of course, that part is actually easy. All you need to do is replace the ‘d6’ with d[0,0,0,0,0,Success]. So, if you were simply wanting to roll six dice, it would look like this:


As for there being a bug, I’m not sure why you’d be seeing one. In my testbed, it simply gives a zero if Condition5 checkbox is checked and rolls the dice otherwise.

Also, per @LaMorte’s suggestion, you can get the delayed roll with the double exclamation point, in case you weren’t aware of that:


The other option, of course, is to use the Count Successes Roll Flag cs


That will only count the number of die that rolled 6.

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Still outputting the combined eyes (even if only those from the sixes), but the “x successes” fits :slight_smile:
Thank you ^^