Tags and searching


While some will use tagging, others may find it tedious, however with that said it seems that there needs to be a better way for searching than completely relying solely on the file name, so it seems that having tags would be one good solution.

  1. As a user of PowerVTT, I would like to be able to select multiple items in My Vault and be able to tag them, rename them, or delete them.

  2. As a user of PowerVTT, I would like to be able to search by tags while using the Map Editor.


I’ll say it again, I really enjoy the user stories :slight_smile:

I believe another user also requested a way to better organize the vault and this will go hand-in-hand with that request.

Character Sheets will be coming in the next months and so figuring out how to organize everything will be a crucial feature to figure out. Tags, folders, and the ability to drag/drop between everything seamlessly is something I will strive to create.

Thinking about it now, keywords actually already exist in code and when you purchase assets I import the tags as well, but that’s pretty useless if they’re not exposed to you so thank you again for requesting! These have been added to the backlog!



Quick update, story #2 is ready for next release. I expect to work out a really early version of asset management as well, letting you select multiple assets and tag or delete them.

I most likely won’t be able to make this system perfect (yet) but it should at least let you improve your workflow a lot. We can expand in future updates.

Next biggest priority will be folders and letting you folks manage things that way.


@Korav Hopefully will have another release in the coming days but I wanted to show off the first look at what tagging could be. Fairly easy to add/remove tags. Clicking either “Add tag” or “Remove tag” brings up a little input box to type a keyword in (auto-completed, multiple choice) so you can add/remove multiple in one shot.


This looks really good, nice improvement!