Table of integers for character sheets (for item weight and similar)

This would be in addition to the action, stat, checkbox, and text options on the existing character sheet.

The table would have multiple columns where each row would store a string and a number of associated integers/stats (depending on the amount of columns selected). The important use of this table would be that the sum of all the integers of one of the table’s columns can be easily referenced and used without having to change a formula manually every time an entry is added or removed. This would allow item weight systems and similarly formatted systems to be implemented in a more smooth fashion. The user would also be able to reference a stat to see how many entries (rows) the table contains. Each integer/stat column would also support the math functions (ei {StrMod}*2 + {whatever}) that stats and actions already do.

While what I’m requesting it for is specific, I believe that such a table would have other uses that I have not considered. Thank you for reading and considering my feature request.

Hi @poppyanimal and welcome to the Forums.

This request is a duplicate of this one: New sheet component: List / Table

I’m going to close this Feature Request to avoid splitting votes.

Please vote and / or comment on that Feature Request instead. Thanks.

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