[System Problem] [Not The End] Pebble Extraction Dice

in another topic, the one for the request for new systems, I had asked for the inclusion of a system, which uses black and white pebbles instead of dice.
One user has suggested that it is possible to launch D2s, but it’s not that simple …

Each time a test is performed in the game, the player must add 1 white pebble to the bag for each trait of the hero he wishes to put into play in the trial you are facing and a number of black pebbles equal to the difficulty of the trial.

Then he has to extract 1 to 4 pebbles from the bag. Each White drawn represents a success, each Black a complication.

So it’s not enough to say a D2, my question is: is there a way to handle such a mechanic in Astral?

Hi @Skaren_D

Not currently.

If you vote and / or comment on the Feature Request for Card Decks it might help speed along that implementation.

Once that is done you could create a custom deck that is just a collection of black and white pebbles, which would solve this issue for you.