Syntax Bug/Help Please

Hey folks,

I am trying to create a Wild Magic Barbarian and have the Surge table populate from dice rolls in chat. From the looks of things I got my syntax right, but I am getting weird returns in chat, like displaying {ssDC} as a d6 roll and other odd bugs. My text is below, any help someone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

" I go into a rage as magic crackles across my scales!

!!(1d[Tendrils, Teleport, Wyrmling, Enchant, Counter, Defense, Overgrowth, Radiance])

Save DC: {ssDC}

!!(Shadowy tendrils lash out at each creature I choose within 30’. They must succeed on a CON Save or take !!(1d12) Necro and I gain !!(1d12) Temp HP)

!!(Teleport up to 30’ to an unoccupied space I can see. REPEAT as Bonus)

!!(Summon an intangible wyrmling spirit within 30’ that explodes at end of turn forcing all creatures within 5’ to make a DEX Save or take !!(1d6) Force REPEAT as Bonus)

!!(Enchant my weapon with Force damage, Light & Thrown 20/60 properties and also return to hand at end of turn)

!!(A crackling aura deals !!(1d6) Force to any attacker on hit automatically)

!!(A defensive, twinkling aura grants +1 AC to myself and allies within 10’)

!!(A 15’ aura of overgrowth creates difficult terrain for enemies around me.)

!!(A bolt of light from my mouth targets a creature within 30’. Creature must make CON Save else take !!(1d6) Radiant and Blinded until start of my next turn REPEAT as Bonus) "