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This is a character template for Symbaroum. It has section for actions defined but as every character is different the actions are left empty. There is also an extensive template in the notes section for filling out other character details that aren’t role related. I used a standard Symbaroum character sheet as a reference.

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This is generic Symbaroum so should work in just about any campaign. Defense is listed as a single attribute but players may find it more convenient to break that into multiple attributes if they use more than one armor set. (DefenseLight and DefenseHeavy for example)

Hi @bidimus, thanks for this submission! It looks great, I’m approving it for community review.

If you’d like to see this template go live, please drop a vote! Additionally, if you see room for improvement, please leave feedback for the author.

Here’s a public link, I’ll also update the OP’s post:

My players came up with an important omission from the sheet this week. We’ve added an action for Initiative which allows the combat tracker to work well with Symbaroum. I don’t know if this can be added in at this point or is that something I can still do for the posted one.


@bidimus Go ahead and post the link to the updated character, I’ll update the template from there.

Thanks much!

Hi @bidimus
As the original author of these templates, I’d like to inform you of a change and offer you the opportunity to update your submission.

We’ve recently included a new feature to Astral, Character Sheets. All templates must now have a Sheet included. With that being said, it’s important to note that we will need permission from the publisher before making templates live on the site, but Astral Staff will take care of this.

After some time, if the OP does not submit a new Template Character, we’ll open this up to anyone who wishes to submit a Template Sheet. Please be sure to read the rules regarding template submissions.

This thread will be locked. Please open a new Community Content post to submit a new character.

Thanks much!