Support for PDF forms for character sheets

Setting up character sheets can be tedious. But for many systems there are “fillable” PDFs available, using PDF form fields.

If Astral would support PDF forms, it would make setting up character sheets much faster and easier, plus no more fiddling with positioning and alignment of fields. Many times, the fields are also properly named already, so they could then be directly referred to.

How much effort it is to support fields depends on which PDF library Astral is using, so the devs should chime in to say if that’s a hard or easy request, but it would be so useful.

they should just have character sheets to choose from on a scroll down menu for GM/players to chose from for the type of game. not just DnD or 1 generic sheets for an umbrella game.

That can be done! The issue is that somebody needs to create those extra sheets. You are more than welcome to start submitting sheets for games, and I am more than willing to help you when you need it.

Enjoy playing.

I’d like to make a sheet for my homebrew system, but it’s kind of challenging at this point, without grids and a few other features.

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Hi @Tariqus

Sorry I missed your post.

There are over 40 game systems listed on Astral already, but currently only 16 character sheets available.

With the 3 I have waiting for approval and the 3 that I am currently developing that will take the total to 22 different sheets available.

The point I’m trying to make is that somebody needs to spend the time creating those sheets for the already listed game systems.

As for sheets for an umbrella game? Could you give me an example? All the sheets on Astral at the moment, that I am aware of, are for very specific games and specific versions of those games.

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Haha, also playing homebrew right now on Astral and have fillable character sheets, so I totally feel like I’m in the same position. :joy: I made some portions on my fillable fields auto-calculate some numbers, too, which I know my players would love to keep having (though Stats and Actions have been very useful, I am excited to see some more of the advanced roll flags come out!).

Yes - the main part I am supporting is having fillable fields, rather than a test box overlay. If a sheet can have form-fillable fields, it will save a lot of time.

Alternatively, would it be possible to use a simple pdf file in and of itself as a character sheet. As in, just drop the pdf file into the character sheet for the token and then viola, you have the character sheet.

I get that the tokens and actions are cool and all, but I don’t need all of that, and it would make things much faster and simpler to be able to just drop the pdf files into the program and have that to go off of