Strike Rank Counter for Runequest

Something similar to the initiative tracker that can be used for DnD. Runequest uses Strike Ranks from 1 to 12 rather than initiative. Would be useful for those playing this amazing game.

Hi @Doubledutchy,

For those of us unfamiliar with Runequest… why is the current initiative tracker not suited for your needs?
I would think you could use it and just use values 1 through 12… but then again, I don’t know the system.

A character can so different things at different Strike ranks in different rounds. So unlike DnD when you have rolled initiative that is when your character acts within that round. With Runequest for example in one melee round the character may have decided to cast a spell which may be cast on Strike Round 3 and then may also be able to cast another spell on Strike rank 11. In the next melee round the character may choose to attack with a weapon and so may attack with that weapon on Strike Rank 7. Obviously all the other characters and npc’ s are also doing things on different Strike Ranks. Basically the order can change from round to round

I see, thanks for the clarification.

I was thinking that perhaps - when implemented - the multiple health bars request would help … but I’m not sure if it would be the most optimal solution.

If you think it would help, please go to that thread and mention how you plan to use that feature (the more info the devs have, the more flexible they can design)… and vote if you still have votes left. Otherwise, could you edit your original post above and change it to the “Feature Request” category?

Thanks for that, I have had a look at the multiple health bars request, and although I think it is a good idea and would be useful, I dont think that it would help with Strike Ranks for Runequest.
I will now change the category of this post

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@Doubledutchy would this be like… everyone rolls initiative, and if people have a high enough initiative, they get to go multiple times? Or would it be more like people choose their actions at the start of the round, and those actions each take a specific amount of time, after which they might be able to do another action in the round?

Could you walk through 2 simple 3-person rounds? That would definitely help clarify this (for me, anyway).

Could you use the “Add custom” button on the initiative tracker to just add Strike Ranks 1-12 to the tracker? I do something similar when I’m running Shadow of the Demon Lord, which also doesn’t have rolled initiative

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Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on “Custom” before, I’d assumed it would let me add custom but existing characters… good one @Agromania!

I will have a look at that, thanks

Hi, I have had a look at the Initiative Tracker, Custom button and think that this will actually work.

On the screen shot, you can see that I have types in the Strike Ranks 1-12. When I select the Start Combat botton, you will see that on the map (top centre) it displays 'Its ‘s Turn’ with a button to move on. Is there any way to Change this text to something like ‘Strike Rank 01’, ‘Strike Rank 02’ etc (i.e to customise this text)

Sorry to be a pain, but is there a way for the button to appear on everyone’s screen not just either the GM, or the current player screen, so that all players and the GM can effectively see who’s turn it is or what Strike Rank it is.
Thanks for your help

There are Feature Requests for allowing players to see the Initiative Tracker, but at present only the GM can see the tracker.

Thanks for the quick reply
much appreciated