Starfinder Character Sheet

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Based on my Pathfinder 1e Character Sheet this submission provides a very automated sheet requiring less user input than the pen and paper sheet.

The base sheet used is the official Starfinder character sheet image.

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Knowledge of Starfinder could prove useful. ~grin~

Update Updated the link as the previous one was showing that the sheet did not exist.

I noticed that Starfinder is listed as a system with an active template but I could not find anything besides @LaMorte 's post for a character sheet. Did this become the template that is referred to elsewhere? If so or not, character templates for the Starfinder system don’t appear to be available any more.

Hi Lavabeing. Welcome to the forums.

The Starfinder character sheet is ready, however Paizo have decided that they need to review any sheets created for use with their games and we are waiting for their okay to use the sheet.

There is an advanced Pathfinder 1st Ed sheet also waiting for their okay before it can be made available for community use.

The link tells me that I don’t have permission to access the template. Is this because of the aforementioned wait for Paizo approval or has the link simply broken?

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Yes. Still waiting for Paizo to approve the sheet. Sorry for the wait.

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/shakes fist at Paizo/ How dare they make us re-create this sheet over and over from scratch!
But hopefully they’ll approve it soon so we can all use it. I’m very curious what yours looks like compared to the one I just finished today…I don’t suppose there’s any way to see it in the meantime, though? :eyes:

Hi @Diz

If you’d like, message me in Discord and I’ll send you an invitation to my Test game where I can assign you a copy of my Starfinder sheet.


// Proud to announce, we are closing as fulfilled!