Star wars Saga Edition Character template

this is my template for the SW Saga system

i was able to automate everything except force powers sense those will vary depending on the player.
this is not the original character sheet for the saga system, but its the only one i could find that would work properly because it has a box for armor set up. I have contacted the creator of this sheet and got his expressed permission to use it and share it with the astral community

the only thing that i added that might be slightly confusing is the atk mods, and dmg mods stats
these are for misc modifications you might get via feats such as, point blank shot thus instead of having to adjust the algorithm when you get such a feat you can simply add the bonus to the appropriate stat (atk mods or dmg mods) streamlining the process.
my group and I are playing using this sheet right now and I have had no large issues with it, if someone would like to try it feel free to reach out and i’ll set you up