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Hello everyone,

I need some help: does anyone did run Star Wars Roleplaying Game (FFG) here in Astral? I’m having difficulties with the dice. Does anyone knows how to create the SW FFG dice strings?


Victor Hugo


I just decided to check Astral out and this was my first question as well.

What do the dice look like? Having some details might help me help you.

I should have sets of pictures of the individual dice where all faces are visible. I’ll look them up. In the mentime, here’s a pic I found:

And here’s an explanation on how they work:

So… there’s 8 symbols, some die faces have more than one symbol, some faces are blank, not all dice contain all symbols.

EDIT: Here’s another link explaining how to interpret these dice:

Force: ◑
Dark: ●
Light: ○

If you use Character Map you should be able to find matching symbols for the rest.

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I don’t think the hardest part is finding the symbols, but actually using them…

For example, can you add and substract them?
If one die ended with two successes (:boom::boom:) and another with one failure (▼), can you cancel them out and say that the result is one success?


With the updated Advanced Roll Flags Coming Soon™ having a die with the two symbols on one face will be separated correctly, as long as there is a space between them, but there is no way to automate removing failures from successes planned yet.

You might want to go to More options for Advanced Roll Flags and add that as a comment to the Feature Request.

In the meantime, this could be the Ability die:

!(1d[blank, 💥, 💥, 💥 💥, 🏆, 🏆, 💥 🏆, 🏆 🏆])

How are you getting the colored characters?

That’s just the way the forum replaces UTF-8 with it’s own emoji code, such as 💥 with :boom: or 🏆with :trophy:.

Wait… I don’t know if you’ll be able to see the difference… anyway it’s the word “boom” surounded by colons on both sides.

Any luck with the dice? I am running a AoE on here using the Character Sheets and the Dice Roller app from FFG but it would be great if it could be integrated.

So far i’ve been able to get the Force Die coded and each individual die but cannot work out how to count ability, proficiency and add any bonus or set back.

The recently-added cl (combine like) flag works pretty well for FFG dice. I’ve been experimenting with Unicode characters for Genesys but just using “success”, “failure”, “advantage”, “threat” etc would work too. Unfortunately you can’t combine across multiple types of dice at the moment. More info here:

Following on from my dice code I have now manged to calculate all the narrative dice individually. The only issue I have now is that every time a person needs to roll they have to ‘edit’ fields in their character sheet before rolling the action. Although this is frustrating it is manageable.

I am still looking for a way to add the symbol-logy to the dice and calculate cancellations. It’s a working progress.

Success ✷
Advantage ℧
Triumph ⌽
Failure ᛉ
Threat ۞
Dispair ⨂

Force ● ○

This is as close as I can find for the time being. I’ve also created a quick ‘cool’ and ‘vigilance’ action for initiative rolls.


For now, I use RPG Sessions as a compagnon app to Astral to manage sheets and dice.

I’m now doing the same for my group as they find it much easier. The code is still there on my custom sheet for people to use but RPG Sessionsis just much easier at the moment.