Star Wars 5e Character Sheet Template (Updated)

I have made a character sheets to be used for Star Wars 5e (SW5e).

It includes:

  • Lots of automation like modifiers, skill, saving throws, profiency bonus, exp to level up.
  • Equipment weight auto calculating
  • Force Potency and Overcharge is supported for damaging powers (If using my guide to set up actions)
  • Support for varient rules like saving throw checks, defensive rolls and crueler crits

In the Notes section i have link to a spreadsheet that will help with making it easier to add actions and Powers.

If you want to try this out send me a PM and ill invite you to a empty game so you can save the template to your vault. Feedback is very welcome!

Open Link to all my work for SW5e:
When you join i will make you GM of that game so you can save the stuff to your vault.


Check Out my SW5e Stat block template: Star Wars 5e (SW5e) Stat Block Template

Check out my SW5e Starship template: Star Wars 5e (SW5e) Starship Template

I tried to follow your link as I am running a Star Wars 5E campaign currently but it says I do not have the permissions to view it. Do you possibly have it blocked somehow?

Character sheets are private by default. We have to wait until admins check it out, release a “public” copy for review and feedback, and then it could make it to the “official” sheets.

So… we wait.

Still waiting :frowning:

Hi @ronfino,

The game’s publisher must approve the sheet before it’s made available to everyone. You can however, message the OP and ask for a copy of the sheet for your personal use.

Here’s a post explaining how community sheets work: