Spell sheets


I’m making a npc spellcaster and its really diffucult to put all the spells inside the attacks & spellcasting grind.
it would be much easier to just make a seccond page for all spells per lvl.

I know this isn’t the most important objective so no worries



This sounds very doable. The character sheet is super alpha at the moment as you can tell.

This feedback helps a lot in helping me prioritize what to work on next. I can definitely try to get this into next week’s release.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your suggestion! Always appreciated


Hi tom,

next week would be perfect, very fast indeed.

maybe you could look in making the “features & traits” section a bit bigger cause if you lvl up some builds will get a fair amount of feats and traits and it could become a hassle scrolling to look for the right one.



it might be nice to be able to separate the character sheet window from the main window?
then you could resize the cells as needed?
just a thought, might not be very practical.



I’ve expanded Features & Traits to be a little more than triple the height it is now. I can go further if you think necessary.

I’m working on breaking out Spells into a new page. Very work in progress (WIP) screenshot below

Open question if anyone wants to chime in: I have Cantrips as it’s own area to add single input spells into. Would you prefer me lay out the rest of the 9 spell levels like they are on the standard Character Sheet or would you prefer something where you input a Spell Level and Spell Name and I can lay it out nice after you click add.

A completely new window might be possible. Are you referring to the online play area?

I want to experiment with possibly handling Character Sheets like I do player handouts (on the player’s screen.) When you reveal a Handout it pops up in a modal on the player’s screen contained within the main app window. I think it’s pretty standard among VTTs but I wanted to try the full-page to see how it would work.

Always open to thoughts!


Following-up on this, the next release (v0.8.5) will have an small update to the character sheet that breaks out spells into a new page.

You can add simple Cantrips and Spells (including levels).

Again, it’s very bare-bones but over time I will be adding more automation and a better UX. As always I welcome your suggestions and feedback when it’s released.

Thank you!


looking forward to it



v0.8.5 has been released.

Please let me know if you experience issues upgrading.

I wrote more on future testing plans.

Thank you!