Spell Effect Tokens

What is a method for handling spell effects? I have some spell tokens but how can i set these up so the player can place them?

What kind of spell effects?
I guess the simplest method would be to copy them to the map and assign control of them to a player.

For our D&D5e game, when a player casts a spell that ‘summons’ a mobile non-creature effect like Spiritual Weapon or Earthen Grasp, the DM puts a token on the board under the control of that player.
In effect, it acts like an extra character, but we don’t assign it any actions of it’s own; all the necessary rolls are on the PC’s character sheet.

Well stuff like a fireball of a burning hand cone so we can see the affected area and give more flavor to the game.

Like if i wanted a circle of fire to represent a fireball would i just create a new charcter that is just a placeholder for a fireball?

Yes. That is exactly what you would need to do.

I suggest, for a simple solution, create a thick bordered black ring with a background set to Alpha 0 (transparent). You can resize the asset (or token) as necessary to meet your needs.

As for allowing players to place tokens, you would, as mentioned earlier in the thread, have to create a “Character” and assign that character to the specific player as required.

I’ve used the character hack before…the only downside is that it lacks the ability to set opacity. Would be nice to flag certain map elements for player control, or add opacity setting to character elements.