Spell area templates / ruler option

Hi everyone, hope I’m not repeating someone but I did look.

It would be nice to have a way to easily see area of effect of spells being cast. This could be attached to the fuller function (checkbox?), where instead of just a line, it would shade in an overlay of a cone or sphere. I think most systems use the same grid rules for measuring things like cones and blast radius, so it could be standardised.

Just having some kind of easy access blast templatea that the players can also easily use would be nice.

I was thinking something like this, Though also giving the option of measuring from a grid point rather than mid square may also make it easier…


I swear there was one…but I can’t find it now.

Totally agree the Ruler could benefit from some added functionality.
Even if it was the normal CTRL drag for a measure of distance, and another modifier + drag to show a radius/cube from the selected point.

Hopefully that’s system agnostic enough to be a reasonable request for all. I think showing a distance, circle and square covers most AoE type moves in a lot of game.


@darkfluidgm maybe it was something in a beta build that was taken out?


@darkfluidgm was refering to the request and not to a already implemented feature.

I saw a number for things like whiteboard or player controlled tokens, but the other options all seemed like such a hassle or fuss, better suited to something like persistent spell effects.

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Agreed, this seems much more like a request about the ruler tool. Not an added asset like the tokens or drawing.

Being able to save predrawn shapes in whatever sizes you’ve made them somewhere (hotbar I guess) would definitely be useful if there wasn’t just the added functionality to the ruler tool itself.

In the mean time I’ll share these in case they are of any help. I add them as characters and size to the right # of squares. Then I make copies and assign to any player who needs them.

5%20Foot%20Radius 15%20Foot%20Cone%20Angle%20Alt 15%20Foot%20Cone%20Angle 15%20Foot%20Cone

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10%20Foot%20Radius 15%20Foot%20CUBE 15%20Foot%20Radius 20%20Foot%20Radius

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30%20Foot%20Cone%20Angle 30%20Foot%20Cone

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These are very rad! Thanks for the share.

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AoE templates could be implemented via Brush options:
If “Brush Size” is selected, then everything works as usual. But there would be “Brush Type” option, that would have “Line”, “Cone”, “Circle” and “Square” options. When one of those is selected, then the start of the drawing would snap to corners or middles of the square (depending which one is closer) and when you drag it, it displays the ruler with the length, which also snaps to middles or corners of the squares and highlights the “effect” area. When mouse it released the affected area is colored with the selected brush color / effect and transparency for everyone to see.

For line effect:


Using another VTT for a friends game, that functions like this. It’s incredibly helpful.

I’m Upping up this thread because it’s one of the most useful thing VTT on R20 site offered and i miss them so much.

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They have a ruler in Foundry VTT. Maybe you could implement a version of it:

The link is just so you can see what I’m talking about

I would love to see this feature added to the brush tool!

This is a much needed tool. I have seen it used in Fantasy Grounds and I love it. Hope Astral can implement something like this.

Yep. This would be an excellent addition to the ruler tool. You’d probably want the option of drawing literal transparent shapes along the ruler (triangle[cone], circle[sphere], square[cube], rectangle[line]) for non-grid play, along with the standard grid-forced templates mentioned above.

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