Spell area of effect ruler

One thing that is super convenient is having a template for cone, sphere, line and cube spell area of effects. I have seen this done “ruler style” in which you select the shape (cone for example), click on the point of origin, and then drag from that point to expand the size and to select the direction the spell is going in, with a measurement reflected on the side (e.g. so you can expand the cone to 15ft for burning hands).

Visually making it a translucent colour and deletable by the players after casting would be dope as heck.

Added bonus would be if it could highlight creatures that are caught in the range of this area of effect

Hi @anmproulx and welcome to the Forums.

I would suggest looking at this Feature Request: Spell area templates / ruler option - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (astraltabletop.com)

We try to not duplicate Feature Requests as it splits votes and attention, making it more difficult for the devs to decide what features need to be implemented next.

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I am closing this Feature Request as a duplicate.

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