Sort Imported Assets in My Vault


Probably like quite a few people that are exploring PowerVTT, many of us have spent time using other VTT and have acquired a significant amount of assets. So here are a few “User Stories” that I would like to submit around improving Asset Management/My Vault functionality.

  • As a user of PowerVTT, I would like to be able to import assets directly into my vault by folder.

  • As a user of PowerVTT, I would like to be able to organize individually imported assets into custom folders in My Vault.

  • As a user of PowerVTT, I would like to be able sort both imported and purchased assets both alphabetically and manually.


@Korav Hello :wave: and welcome to the community!

I :heart: user stories, this is super helpful!

I’m going to add these all as tickets as-is into the backlog. I actually had planned these features a long time ago but never made them a priority. I’ll definitely bump up the value of having this and see what i can do about getting it into a future release.

I’m always here for additional comments, suggestions, concerns, criticisms, etc. Feel free to reach out!

Thank you again!



Hi Tom,
any prrogress on this, I have started to move my custom assets across from Roll20 and being able to add them by folder, and ideally tag the lot with that folder name would be ideal.

I notice that currently all the assets sit in a single directory with their created thumbs. Could you move that dir out into ~/Documents/PowerVTT-Vault/ for custom assets. I understand that your own assets and that of the paid downloads needs to be kept separate.

Just thought maybe having the asset group tags listed on the left in the vault under Asset Packs would be great


Hey @mcgi5sr2! Thanks for checking in on the progress of sorting by folder. I have not made any progress on this yet but it’s still on the priority list.

For transparency, I’ve been busy working to polish up online gameplay. From there I will circle back to crucial vault features like this. I expect maybe a few weeks, maybe a month? I’ll try to push this but want to give you an idea of where I am.

Good suggestion with moving the folder. I can certainly look into doing that however I would probably need to build a small settings screen to allow you to do that (I’d have to move existing assets out and into the new folder, like a migration I’d imagine.) Open to thoughts. I can prioritize something like this.

Thank you for the great suggestions!