Someone can help me in make a map?

Im a beginner and im making a map , but i have a problem, i cant move some pictures over my map and i dont know why my scroll of my mouse doesn’t work someone can explain me plss, i really want to use this.

Hello @zamus1357. Welcome to Astral.

There are a lot of people here who will be happy to help you.

First off, in maps the scroll wheel is used for zooming in and out. To pan your map you’ll want to find a clear area of the map and click and drag the map. If you’re working on a large map without much (or any) clear areas, there are two options: (1) you can right click and drag to avoid selecting a map layer; (2) when you lock map layers they are no longer directly selectable and you can simply click and drag anywhere on top of locked map layers.

Please let us know further details of any difficulties that you’re having. We have a great community and we’re here to help!