Some newbie questions

I’m getting ready to run a Call of Cthulhu game and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to share documents with the players (I downloaded handouts into my Vault and I can’t find how I could share them with my players in due time)?

  2. Is it possible to create your own tokens and how?

Thank you

Hi @jps

The documents for Handouts need to be in PDF format at the moment. You need to upload them in the game itself using the Handouts menu (H)

You can create your own icons but you need to create them in an image editing program outside of Astral.

Excellent, I did it ^^

Another noob’s question: I ran the tutorial and I managed to measure distances using “shift”. Back to my map’s campaign, the darn thing wouldn’t work. No clue why. I switched back and forth between the tutorial and my CoC game, to no avail. I even added a map from my game to the tutorial and that would work but when I log in to my game again it wouldn’t. I can only measure distances in the tutorial. #puzzled

Depending on when the game was created, it may still be using the old keyboard controls. Go the settings pane (Shortcut “S” in game) and see if “Use old keyboard controls” is checked. If it is, Ctrl measures distances. Disabling it should let you use Shift

You’re a genius: CTR works ^^

Hi @jps,

Could you do me a favor and submit a bug report? This sounds like a bug. I’ll investigate, but bug reporting collects metadata that could help me track down the cause.

Thanks much!

Done, I explained ti.

You’re welcome

I’ll also post the answer here for visibility.

I investigated, looks like you may have enabled the old keyboard scheme in your settings page.

Go to settings, make sure your settings look like this:


Using the old keyboard/mouse scheme will be inconsistent with the tutorial instructions. We’ve left those options there for anyone who prefers the old layout, but it’s recommended to toggle those options off.

Hope this helps! Please reach out if you still have issues.

It worked, somehow Use old mouse controls and keyboard controls were selected.

Another question: I noticed, in my CoC game, the character’s tokens have all 10 HPs whatever their character’ sheets show. For instance Jessie Williams has 13 HPs and this is displayed on her character’ sheet, still her token shows only 10 HPs. So, if I were to apply 11 damage to her in a combat, she would die. How can I correct this?

At the moment, token health bars aren’t linked to any character sheet stats (although it’s quite a popular feature request and we may see it down the line). For now, you’ll have to set the character’s maximum HP from the info tab of the manage character window

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We do have some improvements in the works, where HP is actually a stat that affects the HP bar, but can also be linked to the sheet for sheet editing.

In the meantime, please vote and comment on this topic: Reference HP / HP Max as stats

This is the feature request for what you are trying to achieve. We rely on feature requests to prioritize new features and indicate community support on planned improvements. Thanks much!

Thanks a lot. It’s all set :smile:

Sorry to butt into antoher person thread, but I am a day one user going through the toutorial and I am also stuck on character movement. I don’t want to add a grid to all my maps so this is a very important feature. I cannot use shift or ctr to move my guy in the toutorial nor can I see any ruler icon. Please help.


To move a character just clic on its icon (on a map) and use the arrow keys to move it around (you don’t need any grid).

As for the ruler, just point your cursor at the origin point in the map, press shift and move it to mesure distances.

Welcome onboard. I just had my first Cthulhu game last Friday, and though at was my first VTT ever, we had a blast :slight_smile: