Some kind of duplicate save function for maps?


I was working on a map with a 2nd floor and thought it would be easier to duplicate the first floor and just alter what was different to the map. While you can obviously export the image of a map to use on another you wouldn’t have access to the full ability to edit it like the normal save file where every thing is still in layers.

So my suggestion of a feature to consider is the ability to back up or duplicate a map save file. Far as I can tell the save function always over writes the same file, even if you change the map name. Not only would duplicating maps make edits on small differences between similar locations but also as a nice insurance of a complicated and detailed project you might be working on.

You never know when some big mistake screws your map up beyond the undo tools ability to fix, or even just a file could get corrupted. Better to lose some of your work than all of it because you only had one save.


Yes, I love this!

I was actually planning on developing a feature similar to this while building v0.7.x for online gameplay because I thought it would be a useful feature to duplicate maps for campaigns but since you asked I think this could definitely make it’s way into v0.6.x

It’s on the board and should be relatively simple to do. I will let you know when it makes it into the next release.

Thanks for the suggestion!



@Lum_the_Mad Question as I’m thinking of it, do you expect a button in the editor itself (e.g. “Save As …”) or would you be okay with a button in My Vault next to “Delete Map” that would say “Clone Map”?

Either is possible, but only wondering what you expect as the user so it’s as simple as possible :slight_smile:



I think the clone map button is fine. A save as function would be nice eventually but might also lead to problems of people accidently saving over the wrong file or something. Glad to see you were already thinking about this.


Cloning maps is available in v0.6.17