Some Ideas

Hey guys! A cool suggestion I’ve thought of is something that MapTool uses, which might have a lot of uses for Astral. A couple of hotkeys that when pressed forms a speech bubble, pointer as well as a thinking cloud. I think this would be a really good quality of life changes to show people when an NPC or a Player is talking / thinking / or when the DM needs to point at something.

Another suggestion, is more of another QOL change. When copying a character, is it possible that those copies are not added to the All Characters list? When you use 12 guards, it’s a pain having to scroll through all those copies to get to another character!

Would this request be the same as yours?

If so, let us know so we can close this one as a duplicate. And do vote for it if it’s something you’d like to see.

Yeah it’s in the same vein, but it would also include a pointer and a thought bubble as well!

Add your comment to the Speech Bubble request so that we don’t split the votes please.

Also, please only post one request per post, so that the developers know what feature people are voting for.