Snappoints for Game Templates

I would like to see some kind of “Snappoints” in the Template so, you can “drag” Actions or Textboxes to the Action-field, the inventory or Spell list.
It is a bit cumbersome to make an entry and then move the text until it is aligned.

something like this?:

these points could be Invisible until you press an button.

An issue with something like this is that you’d then have to align the snap points themselves…

Perhaps a grid for character sheets would be useful for you?
If so, check out this request and vote for it:

we definitely need a way to align. I am not sure whether a grid makes the most sense. because the uploaded charaker sheets would also have to be aligned with this grid. So if you align the inventory to the grid, the attributes will no longer fit and so on …

maybe there would be a ruler system better or the possibility to access the coordinates of the “snappoints”.

so let’s discuss further in your vote :slight_smile: