Snap caracters (tokens) to grid

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Astral, I’m not a native english speaker, so please be understanding with my writing :slight_smile:
So far i’m loving the system but there is a couple things that bothers me.
I didn’t find answers to my questions in the documentation or on the forum (but maybe i’m just shitty with research)

Is there any way to snap the playing caracter tokens and the NPC tokens to the grid ? (like we can with maps ?)

Second thing : Can we change to metric system instead of that outdated and incoherent imperial system wich only three country in the world are using (i’m trolling a little bit but the question is valid)?


Hello @Sonofkyuss and welcome to the forums.


Click the Grid Settings button from the Map Edit menu (press E to open that).


The top switch will make characters snap to the grid.

Where it says Ruler Size you can type any unit in where it says ft. You could even make it millimeters if your game was all about ants!

Oh, OK,

I thought the snap to grid was only for the map, I didn’t even test it with a token.
for the metric system, I change the ruler size and I guess I just have to ignore the “.FT” on the caracter sheet an put everything in metric.

Thanks a lot for your so quick response.


When you change the ft. on the map, the character sheet will also change to show the unit you set on the map. :grin:

Yup. Units can be whatever you like: