Small questions from a newbie

Hi everyone

I just discovered Astral and it seems really cool, but I have a few questions :

  • Can we change the size of a character token ? For example with dragons, ogres, and so on ?
  • Can we select a group of assets to move or delete them (mostly for the dots of dynamic light) ?
  • Are the developers very active ? Browsing the forum I saw that the light source is still in “coming soon” since about a year ? And yet there’s a 2-days-old video on their YT channel. So, how are updates in general ?

Thanks in advance, and have a nice game :v:

Hi @Nyrmir_An_Khor

If you click on “Display” in the character sheet you can change the Grid Size for any token.
You can Ctrl Click on multiple assets or, if you lock all layers except the DL layer, Ctrl left mouse drag to select DL points.
The developers add Features in the order that users Request them in the Feature Request section of the Forums. The videos in the YouTube channel are not created by the developers, but by one of the other staff members (Sketch).

At present, due to the virus, we have had a massive influx of new users which is putting a strain on Astral’s servers. Getting better performance and stability for all users is the major focus for the developers currently.

There are two or three Feature Requests currently (slightly postponed) being developed regarding character sheets including Multiple Health Bars and the ability to link Health Bars to Stats on the character sheet.

If you have any further questions I encourage you to join Astral’s Discord server as we (the volunteers and staff) can provide more immediate feedback to you there.

Enjoy your time on Astral

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Thanks ! You’re really helping.

Okay, I see.
Performance/stability problem is perfectly understandable with this context, plus I nearly didn’t have any problem for now.
I might join the discord then. With what I currently saw and tried, I think I will host my future games here.

Anyway, wish you the best, and thanks again !

Also, check the what’s new page to see what the devs have been up to lately.

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