Skyfarer RPG Character Template

This is a character template for the Skyfarer RPG.
Link for those curious:

The template has contains the 4 attributes with their appropriate rolls premade for use. Tenacity is set in the attributes, but you can choose to move it over to notes where you can add your character’s Profession, Traits, Integrities, and Conditions. Peril can be tracked by the “Player health” potion.

Hi @Albedo, thanks much for this Template Submission!

You got this up before I had a chance to throw up the guidelines in the forums. Could you take a moment and review this forum post? Is the token art in any way licensed? If we don’t have permission to use it on the platform, we’ll need to use a placeholder token from the available assets in free packs.

I’m approving this submission for Community Review. Here’s a public link that can be used to view this template:, feel free to recommend change.

Thanks again for this submission!

@SketchParker Yea, wanted to hop right in an mess around with the new character tools :sweat_smile:.

And good note, the token is property of the video game Skyfarer is based on. I’ll change that out.

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Hey @Albedo, just changed out the links with a public review link!

Anyone can now review this template.