Simple Roll-Under using a Stat help


System: Dominion Rules RPG.

Basically, Roll a d12, you want equal or under. The number is important, not just “did it or not”. Target number is a Stat number.

I have a Stat-Skill called “VIG_Grip” with a number in it. Lets use 6 as an example.
My syntax for the roll is:


This works fine, showing me the roll first, and the target after (e.g. " [4] [6]" in the Chat window.).
Now, I’m getting any “1” rolled in RED and any “12” rolled in GREEN. I don’t want this. What I want is if it’s GREATER THAN the Stat (e.g., a failed roll), I want that number RED. I want any LESSER or EQUAL than the Stat (e.g., a successful roll), to be GREEN.

1st Question: How and/or Can I do that?
2nd Question: Is is possible to have an EXACT/EQUAL success roll be a different colour all together? Say, Gold? (e.g., if the target is 6, and the roll is 6, it would show up as a Gold 6).

Thanks for any answers and help! :slight_smile:

I’m a TOTAL newb at Astral. Owned it for a year or something…never really used or fiddled with it (currently playing in a FGUnity 5e game and it’s fine and all, but, well, I just REALLY like Astral’s potential for my DM’ing style!).

Sorry if these questions are dumb…but I couldn’t find an answer yet…still reading/looking.


Paul L. Ming

You can use cr and fr to set the red/green threshold:

Changing Dice Display

Some flags only change the display of the dice, but don’t otherwise effect the roll.

Flag Description
cr >=X Sets dice rolls that meet X threshold as crits, which get colored green
fr <=X Sets dice rolls that meet X threshold as fumbles, which get colored red
m X>=Y Groups dice into groups of at least X , whose values are each >= Y


Thanks! Got it working now. Rolling a 1 is Green, and a 12 is Red. :slight_smile:

Now onto more challenging stuff…like “Rolling attack, determining a hit, subtracting armour, applying damage, updating HP”. Piece of cake! :wink:


Paul L. Ming

Hi @Killer_DM

Remember that Astral does not support targetting another token and does not allow an Action to set the value of a Stat, so automating all of that is currently not possible. In the future? Who knows? :wink:


“Remember”…? LOL! I didn’t even know it couldn’t do that. I just sort of assumed…you know, being a VTT for RPG’s and all. :wink:

Just joking. I get Astral is being made by a handful of guys (3?, was it?), so no worries, just a bit disappointed. I’m sure they’ll get there eventually. :smiley: We had to do about the same level of “manual adjusting” when I used Tabletop Simulator for a SUPERS! game I ran for my bro, his wife and one of their friends. Worked well enough, but it is a pretty simple game system.

Thanks for the heads up anyway! :slight_smile:


Paul L. Ming