Simple Monster Characters (GM Feature)

The thing I spend most of my time doing is creating monsters or NPCs for my characters to fight in one or two encounters. Currently, this is a very clunky process. We play DnD5e, so the most I really need from this temporary character is an Icon, HP, and maybe AC just as a reminder.

As the site works now, I need to create a whole new character, go over to the info tab to avoid the beta stat block, and enter the HP. Even if I select the 5e monster template, I’m not about to enter every stat for this monster that’s probably going to be dead in the next 20 minutes. I just need an insanely quick way to make a simple token for a throwaway monster or npc.

I was thinking I might use small combat cards and create a sheet for that, with just things like attack and and special abilities on them, then I can just copy that like I used to with the old non-paper sheet feature. Honestly the old look with the actions and folders was probably easier/better for monsters.

If there was a way to set the sheet to open to a smaller default size it would be nice…as it is now I have to drag the corner of my combat card sheet to get it down to a manageable size every time.

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