"Simple" math not working?


Newb again.

Desire: “Roll 1d12, multiply by 2 9rounding up), then add a number”.
Simple math, right?

| Heavy Hit | !!(1d12*2 + {STR_Dmg_Adj})

Nope. No go. Should be simple, right? Roll a 4, double that to 8, then add STR_Dmg_Adj. I’ve tried all the combinations of brackets I can think of…no go.

Same with dividing by 2, or multiplying by 0.5…forget about trying to apply ceil or floor! O_O

It seems the second I put in a “mathematical modifier” to the dice roll, it poops all over the place.

| Light Hit | !!(1d12 /2 + {STR_Dmg_Adj})
| Normal Hit | !!(1d12 + {STR_Dmg_Adj})
| Heavy Hit | !!(1d12 *2 + {STR_Dmg_Adj})
| Severe Hit | !!(1d12 + {STR_Dmg_Adj} *2)

That’s what I have and need.
“Normal” works perfectly.
…that’s it.

WHAT on EARTH am I doing wrong? Just when I think I’ve got a handle on Astral’s “mathematical formula” rules…I get a curve ball.

So…please…what am I doing wrong? It’s either (A) something ridiculously stupid… or… (B) Astral can’t do this (yet?)


Paul L. Ming

You should write like:
| Light Hit | {!!(1d12)/2 + STR_Dmg_Adj};
However, the /2 is automatically flooring. So 5/2 will be a 2.


Hi @Killer_DM

Unfortunately, as @Tanito77 pointed out, you can’t do multiplication or division of a roll inside the roll.


Thanks guys!
Off to figure out if there’s some work around I can manage for in-game use.


Paul L. Ming

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