Show the stat name in the roll tooltip

As a GM, I would like to be able to verify that I have built an action correctly, and my players sure wouldn’t mind either. On more than one occasion, I’ve hovered over a roll and said “I might have forgotten to add the bonus from whatever magic item, I think. Yeah, I think that roll should have been a success instead.”

Ideally, a game display setting called “show stats in tooltips” could be checked to allow the dice roller to show a stat’s name next to the stat when used in a dice roll, so that this feature doesn’t bother DMs who don’t want to use it. I would also love to be able to add a string to display in the roll tooltip to achieve the same purpose - to remind me what that bonus is.

As an example, I have a wildshaped druid (5e) who wears a magic item (whose bonus is defined by the stat named “Insignia”) that grants a bonus to attack rolls. This character also has a checkbox named “bless” that they can check whenever a party member casts Bless on them, which adds 1d4 to attack rolls. Combining my two ideas, I could add a string like [Bless] to the d4 roll as a reminder that’s for bless. With the “show stats in tooltips” setting checked, a roll defined as

!(1d20 + {Prof} + {StrMod} + {Insignia} + {bless}d4[Bless])

Would show a tooltip in chat like:


At that point, the player could tell me “hey, you’re not adding my bonus from my made-up Ring of Ruthless Attacks!” and we could modify the action to add the {Ring} stat to the roll.

This could also be achieved if strings were just allowed in a dice roll, so that a roll defined as

!(1d20 + {Prof}[Prof] + {StrMod}[StrMod] + {Insignia}[Insignia] + {bless}d4[Bless])

Would have a similar result.


This would be great especially when a party has multiple limited buffs or a big bonus to see where all the numbers are coming from.

Just tested, this actually already works as-is, you do have to hover the roll to see everything though

This does not work in production, I can’t speak to the Beta. It rolls 1d20+{Prof} but fails to add the other modifiers until the roll parser encounters the d4 roll.


OK, I was testing in Beta and admittedly may not have been extremely thorough about it