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I’m looking for a way to display text in the chat based on the results of a die roll. I’m trying to create a sheet for Kult: Divinity Lost (which is an Apocalypse Engine game). The mechanics are simple, it’s just 2d10 + a Stat. If you get 12 or better, there’s one resolution. 7-9, there’s a different one, and there’s a third for below 6. With the current Astral engine, is there any way to include, as part of the action, several pieces of text to display based on the die roll?

Currently you can only do a single comparison against a die roll, so an either or situation.

{!(2d10 + Stat) >= 12 ? "Success" : "Failure"}

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By the way, I created a simple sheet for K:DL. If you want, I can invite you to a game so I can share what I got with you. If so, PM me your username.

That’s a real shame. Seems like it would be an expansion to the rolling syntax that would really open up a lot of doors.

There’s this feature request that would allow for this to be possible…

You should definitely vote on the features you’re interested in.

I would love to add this to my Dungeon World and Freebooters on the Frontier character sheet.

I think you can do it by nesting IF statements.

{Stat >= 12 ? “Success” : {Stat >=9 ? “Success 2” : {Stat >=7 ? “Success 3”: “Failure”}}}

I’ve done similar for things based on having groups of checkboxes, so it should work for stats, but don’t know it if would work for a dice roll though.

At present you can either show the result or ONE conditional text item (roll > 10 then “This” else “That”) but full conditional text won’t be possible until a feature like {lastRoll} is implemented.

Hello! I’m trying to do something similar and am only getting the failure end of the dice roll. How could i correct that?

My code: | Roll| die= !(1d20)

| Result | {die >= 15 ? “Success” : “Failure”} |

Actually my intention was to nest several if statements with conditionals that null one another, so only one result can show up, but the was getting only the failure result there as well, so I tried with a simpler roll, but no good yet.

Thanks in advance!

At present you cannot assign values @athrepos

There is a Feature Request for this though.

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