Show player View in realtime to the GM

I made a map and invited my friend to test it out as a player. We noticed (with some disappointment i might add) that the GM does not get feedback about a player moving their character around the map, from the moment the character is picked up until the player actually drops his/her/its/theyre/apachehelicopter character token at a new position. This means they can effectively pick up their character, scout the entire map by frantically moving their mouse, and then place their character 1 tile to the left and say “I’ve moved 5ft”, and the GM would be none the wiser. I was the GM and i was both in Player View and GM view. In my opinion, the Gm needs to be able to see everything play out in real time, so he can stop people from overstepping doors and traps, prancing around dungeons etc etc. Is there somehting that could be done about this?

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Hi @Armatistis,

Great request! I would like to draw your attention to a feature we’ve released to the community to experiment with, which is visible cursors.

This paints a view of each player’s cursor, and where it’s being moved to. Everyone can see what the player is currently pointed at when this is enabled. It’s found in your settings menu in-game.

Hope this helps! I understand this doesn’t completely resolve your request, which is to have live updates to token selection and movement rather than update on drop. I’d encourage further community discussion on this feature, and if you’re checking this feature out and would like it for your own games, please drop a vote!

You could also set the preferences so they are not allowed to move themselves. I kinda play with this setting some times. specially when we take a pause :wink:

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Thank you for your reply @SketchParker. We’ve tried this, but the cursor marker is kinda bulky ( i dont know if it can get resized, i hope it does) and it still doesn’t show you if the other player is actually holding their character up. From my knowledge, it just shows cursor location. It could work in a sense, if it showed players clicking or interacting with the map, but i afraid it still would not replace real time vision sharing.

@Musashi I could, but it kinda kills the immersion if the GM is the one moving the tokens all the time, and it takes some level of micromanaging away from the players, i.e “I wanna stand RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT HERE in this very important fight” or “we are moving in a column in a narrow passage and stop in a specific spot”. Imagine wasting 5 minutes with each player trying to bring their character token in their exact preferred spot on the map each time they move.

This brings me to another thing I would like to have, a keybind for exactly what Musashi suggested, turning player permissions on and off, in an instant. This would make setting traps off an instantaneous pause for the party instead of 1 player activating a trap, falling in, rolling for dmg, getting back out and the rest of the party still looking inside that chest, or when combat is initiated, sometimes with surprise. Nothing adds more to a surprise than dropping your character right where it stands and hearing rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll initiative.

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