Show Dice, not just Sum

I know you can hover, but if you regularily need the actual dice and don’t really care about the sum, that’s tedious.

Please add a modifier to the dice roll syntax that says “display the dice rolled, not the sum”.

So instead of “19” it would show “5, 6, 8”

Yes please. That would be a very useful ability.

Here’s a little trick I use when I want to see the individual die faces and don’t care about the total.

Create a stat, “ten” in this instance, and give it the value [❶,❷,❸,❹,❺,❻,❼,❽,❾,❿] (these are using Unicode circled numbers, there’s more here)

Now you can roll !(5d{ten}) and the result looks like this

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@Agromania, would that work if you want to have the dice to be exploding?

Unfortunately Exploding Die does not work with Custom Die.

This would be a good feature, and probably would work best optionally/on demand. In my case, I roll several dice and need both the sum and the individual numbers to count pairs of sixes and ones.

In fact I wish it showed not only the dice, but for example if you’re rolling 3d6m=6, which should specifically flag a pair or trio of sixes, you’ll only know you got it if you mouse over. This is very counterintuitive

For people interested in D&D 5e, many powers and feats allow you to trade 1s and 2s for other rolls, so it’s important to know the individual rolls in those cases.

It is worth noting that you can achieve this if you call out your dice separately. So !(5D10) becomes !(1D10), !(1D10), !(1D10), !(1D10), !(1D10).

That being said, I would also support this and would ask that it contain support for success counts, fumble counts, etc.

I have a character sheet built for a 2D20 system. I really don’t like the way that the system won’t show the dice rolls (except on mouse over) and only shows the successes/fumbles, so I have the sheet set to show all dice rolls and color the results to indicate the critical success/success/failure/fumble nature of the roll. This does become a problem with control over the number of dice. (It’s a lot harder to have the same calculation roll 3 dice this time and 5 dice next time when each die roll is coded separately and Astral’s coding language doesn’t support for-loops.) I can definitely see that this request would provide a solution for this.

Long and short, yes please.

This is a great thing to have for many systems. A setting to make it a toggle would be nice.

While I believe LaMorte was correct at the time of writing his post, this does work now. You do have to use the index (starting from one) rather than the value though. So !(1d[a,b,c,d]e>=3) would explode on c & d but !(1d[a,b,c,d]e>=c) wouldn’t work

Also another idea I had regarding this is to have a baked-in roll option that forces the hovered view to show in the chat, say !s(3d20)

Thank you. I will see if I can then implement that in the character sheet.