Show bars and names on select/(hover option

Gather around, and hear another tale of removing visual clutter from the game board

Have an option to hide bars/names. Show it on hover - this keeps the game board clear while all the information is still easily available.

As is now players are still stuck with this when things get crowded.

And worst case, with all the bells and whistles -

I’d say on token select would be better. This allows for better mobile or touch screen display compatibility for the future.

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Edited to include select

Banish the clutter, by hover or select - I’ll take either medicine

A short term fix for the clutter part could be a toggle. We have one for show names add one for show health bar.


Hi all! :wave:

I wanted to pop in and bump this thread. We’ve seen a lot of community interest in the realm of preserving the precious amount of space on the game screen, so we wanted to reach out and get more input on what this could mean for you!

We’ve completed the related parent request of this, Hide NPC HP bars for players, and are now looking to expand further with the improvements.

Please take some time to let us know! Add your own comment on top of the comments and ideas already present in this thread so we can have a better understanding of what you’d like to see. Imagine that nothing is off the table (heh) and anything is possible. Whether that be showing bars and names on hover, context menus on right-click, you name it and we’ll consider it!

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To start with a simple toggle like the NPC HP bars would be nice. Going forward its more about preference. Options could be hover over, or menus as mentioned.
A possible Idea is making the Chat side bar have some options to it similar to the DM one. Maybe tabs that could possible be broken into Party, Where you could see party members health. That would also be a good place for the Side chat option to be. So the DM could privately hit up a single players. Players could side chat each other individually. Tab for the handouts the DM could give. Where you could drop the loot list so the players can split it. Just some ideas.

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Using Context Menus to open tabs in the character sheet would be useful.

Forking over from a related thread.

Context menus would be pretty handy with the character macro bars. When you’ve got a wide foray of checks that are all closely related (D&D 5E has 18 Skills and 5 Saves, CoC 7E as has 8 Characteristics and 46+ Skills), it’d be pretty great to just put all that together.

One button on the bar for all macros in a shared category (attributes, skills, weapons, etc.). Click the button on the bar, then click the specific macro on the list.

Health bar on token select would be very nice, but I would be happy with a simple toggle similar to the “Hide NPC HP bars for players” feature.


I vote for See2’s suggestion as quickfix…

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This hides the health bar from everyone, including the DM. I find it very useful to have that info at a moment’s glance so I can always know how bad a monster is doing whenever someone asks “How injured is he?”, or when thinking if the monster should attack or flee, but I can’t leave it enable to avoid the players metagaming.

If there is a config that allows only the DM to see the bars but not the players, I have not found it. In an ideal world, this should be possible to decide that the token level, so if for example you have friendly NPC you could set that the players can see his hp (but not his whole character sheet), but not the hp from the monster attacking them

Funny you mention this, @Garunts, cause we’ve been working on better controls here over the past few days! Expect to see improvements here soon.

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Would be great to be able to show any given stat values in there!

You could select Touch AC / AC as a Health Bar