Sheet object groups / arrays

So I’m thinking of a system where characters have skills and each skill has a value, an amount of XP invested in it, a description, and a specialization. For action purposes I’d probably also want a checkbox with the skill to be checked off if during an action roll there should be a modification to the result based on the use of the specialization.

So these four (five) things are associated with each other as an individual “skill” object or class. So thinking ahead, the skill description and specialization would be text fields. The checkbox is a checkbox. The value is a field who’s value is a calculation on XP. So these sheet objects function as a group and refer to each other in their calculations/actions.

What would be nice is to group them together along with their relative associations / references to each other, and copy them as a group for the next skill, and then again for the next skill and so on.

I know I could come up with a “skill1, skill2,…” naming convention and such and manually edit each reference, but it would be convenient to be able to do what we used to call in VBA a control array.

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The existing Feature Request for this type of bundle is here: Item Templates

Please vote and . or comment on the existing Feature Request to avoid splitting interest, which is one of the major factors that the staff use for determining what they are going to work on next.

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