"Shadowed" mode for tokens

So, I know that there are various feature requests for multiple icons (to help support things like werewolves that can switch between two states). This, to me, is a little different. I want to have a mode that would show the shadow of a token, or the blackened silhouette of a token. To me, when a token is in this mode it shouldn’t carry any label for the player view.

The idea behind this is to represent that moment when “a shadow moves in the bushes”. By providing the shadow, it helps players know where the shadow is, but it doesn’t give away more information than I want them to have by letting them see the token or the label. I know that I can use a distinct token that is just a shadow, but this is clumsy, especially in the moment when the player actually gets a good look (hide the shadow token and un-hide the actual token, or similar). Plus, I’d like to let them make guesses about what it is that they’re dealing with based on the shape of the shadow.

Hi @SnowyRiver

I would suggest adding this to the other feature request for multiple tokens for a single character rather than making it a request on its own as it is so very similar, except for the name tag option.

I’d even go so far as to say perhaps attach a distinct Nickname to each token image so that the displayed name switches along with the image. Perfect for Vigilante type characters.

If you agree, I’d like to close this request so that we don’t split the votes.

Thanks @SnowyRiver

// Closing as duplicate