Shadow of the Demon Lord sheet template

Hello, I found something strange inside the SotDL character sheet template:
there are 2 “Intellect”, “Perception”, “Healing Rate” and “Defense” not connected to the sheet and useless (as I can see).
Could they be cleaned inside the template? Or just explained better if they have other functions?

Hi @MadMiles77

They are probably the result of fixing problems when building the sheet. Astral used to allow duplicate names for Stats and only the newest one would work.

If you could bug report this problem the team could look into it when they get the chance.

Hi, I reported them as bug but they told me to write into the Forum :smile:

I am aware of these issues and have posted an update over here (as well as a few other tweaks). Hopefully it gets updated soon, but in the meantime feel free to shoot me a message if you want access to a copy