Set character size independent of grid size

Request: Allow us the option to define a character token’s size by pixels rather than grid spaces.

How I would like to see it implemented: An option under the character sheet page that allows us to define a character as taking up x pixels by y pixels in addition to x by y grid spaces.

Reasoning: For non-grid based games, the character or base size can have huge mechanical implementations. Are two units bases touching? Are they within arms reach for melee? Are they scaled correctly to each other? In IKRPG characters are on either 30mm, 40mm, or 50mm bases. Having those bases scaled to each other is important visually and mechanically for players to know what’s going on.

The systems I use (such as Hero) uses hex sizes instead of squares so this feature will help tremendously in non-D&D systems. It would give this tool a distinct advantage for the many DM who do not use D&D as their main gaming system.

Note that when you go to a 3 hex size token, the token needs to snap to the center point of the three hexes and not the center of a hex.

This is definitely something that’s needed, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more votes.

As it currently stands, with token size being tied to grid square size, Astral does not work well with maps that are large enough to warrant using a grid size that’s larger than 5 ft. For example a city map usually works better with a grid size like 1 square = 20 ft., but this doesn’t work in Astral because we can’t set token size to fractional numbers so a 1x1 token is huge and inaccurate on a map with that kind of scale.

This problem is exacerbated by the limit on how far we can zoom in. We’re restricted to using 1 square = 5 ft. so that the token size is accurate, but then the tokens are tiny on these larger maps and are barely distinguishable from one another.