Set a Stat from Chat...?


I couldn’t find anything on this.
Being able to “set”, or even modify, a Stat value for, say, “all PC’s” or “all in Group_A” would be a HUGE time saver. Not only for the obvious HP’s, Magic Points, Psionic Power, Energy Level, or whatever, but for Stats that are used for various Actions.

Example: Being able to say “Ok, everyone, make a Memory check at -20”, where the GM can simply type in “/Set {Mod_MEM} -20”. So if the normal Action for a PC’s “Memory Roll Action” was a simple "!(1d100lte{Mod_Mem}), and Mod_Mem was a Stat defined by “({MEM} - {Difficulty_Number})”, everyone would be set. A PC’s Memory might be 67, so his Modified Memory would then be 47 (67 - 20).

Anyway, just thinking of ways ‘around’ the lack of Astrals ability to ‘remember’ rolls or shunt results from different Actions on pages or done in Chat.

Or does Astral already have this, and I’m just showing my Newbiness?


Paul L. Ming

Stats can currently only be set on the sheet itself using the editor. There is a Feature Request for expanding this though.