Separate map background layer

It would be nice to edit a map layer that is shown in lieu of the solid color (default black) background. Maybe just a background image instead of solid color.

I have an overworld/regional map that players can choose to travel about. I want it to appear as a sketched map with low detail instead of black/fog of war. When they move, the dynamic lighting reveals the true contents of the map. This way they still know where things are but details aren’t apparent until they get within line of sight.

I suppose this could be done with a layer underneath the map that isn’t effected by dynamic lighting, but still obscured by the map above.

Hi @ColtenT and welcome to the Forums

The Fog of War option in Dynamic Lighting does exactly that!

Hi, thank you.
Are you sure? I know fog of war shows a darkened area of where players have been, but it’s the same ‘map’? Right? Am I missing something?

It is the same map, just grayed over, depending on the Transparency setting that you choose.