Select and drag


I’m messing around in the offline tool and when I go to select and drag an object like say the grass texture. I have to click to select it and then click again and hold to start moving it around. Is this intended behavior? It feels more natural to be able to just select and drag in one click.


Thanks for the feedback!

This is the intended behavior. The purpose is to be able to “stamp” tiles. I’ll be expanding on this so you can press hotkeys like SHIFT to place a row of assets.

In your example, it’s easier to stamp 6-8 grass tiles than drag/drop each one. At least from customer research that’s what it’s shown - I’m always open to thoughts though!


Edit: Oh wait, what you are describing sounds almost buggy? You are supposed to be able to click the asset once, then have it selected for stamping.


The issue isn’t about stamping tiles. I’m fine with that. It’s about adjusting things after they’re placed down on the map and fine tuning where you want them. Such as putting down a table and six chairs. It doubles the number of clicks required move them around on the map.


Oh I understand. You are referring to clicking an asset to select it and then having the ability to move it. That does require 2 clicks and if you were building an intricate/detailed set I can see that being frustrating.

I agree, I’ll see what I can do about fixing that.