Secondary vision&dynamic lighting radii/sliders

Heyo! So with the latest implementation of light sources, I think it would be a great idea to include a secondary radius for dim light and keep the current one for bright light. A torch in D&D for example sheds bright light for 20 feet and dim light for an additional 20 feet. Essentially anything after 40 feet is black but the dim light would be somewhat transparent. I haven’t yet played with the intensity slider but I assume it just controls the opacity of the colour it produces but I may be mistaken.

It woukd be nice for a dim light radius to slightly improve the vision of a character. This brings me to my other suggestion and it’s in a similar vein to having a secondary slider regarding vision, specifically darkvision, as well as how it interacts with dim and bright light.

As it stands, darkvision isn’t considered when it comes to characters vision. It would be very nice to implement darkvision mechanics to allow dim light to be seen as bright light and pitch black to be seen as dim light. There would also need to be an option for magical darkness in this scenario as that would entirely block vision like the FOW does now.

Hello @Iloxain. Welcome to the forums!

I like the first part of your idea. I might suggest that it could also be achieved by having a %dim slider, or something similar. This way you could say that the total light radius is 40 feet, with a 50% dim, thus you’d get 20 feet of bright and 20 feet of dim.

Regarding your second suggestion, in general it is encouraged that feature requests do not have multiple requests in a single thread. This helps the Devs see where interest is more clearly. Also, it would be good to note that ideas for dark vision have been previously requested. For example:

Of course, in this request, it is part of a bigger overall improvement to the way that vision range is handled.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Also thanks for the heads up regarding multiple ideas.

%dim would definitely work. Might be a wee bit trickier to set up due to almost working backwards, in that you’d have to set the maximum radius of effect and then calculate what percentage of that radius is dim or bright. Personally I think it would be easier to have a secondary slider or another node on the same slider which would almost give a visual representation of a specific light source.

I did have a read of that thread and it’s certainly an awesome idea. I didn’t see any push for dim light implementation, although a simple way to work with that idea is of darkvision is selected, rather than setting the scene to black outside the darkvision radius, it’s instead slightly transparent.