Saved maps not loading

I’ve made a map and saved it. The next time I tried to load up the map it wouldn’t. So I made a map again but to my demise it wouldn’t load. None of my maps are loading as a GM last night I had to make the map last night in a hurry and screen capture it to load it on my table top. Is there a reason my maps are not loading.

Hi @Danonyte! Sorry this went unnoticed, it’s been a very busy couple weeks for us with the holidays and all.

I check bug reports regularly, even during the holidays. Any time you are dealing with a game-breaking bug, please always drop us a bug report using the bug reporting buttons on the bottom of your screen when on the site. I reply quickly, often the same day. It also gives us important metadata to help track down the issue, so you’re helping everyone when you submit a bug.

Let me know if you’re still having this issue!