Savage Worlds Character Template


I’m new to Astral and so far I really like it. I haven’t played a game yet, but I was looking for a Savage Worlds compatible character sheet. Since there was none, I made by own. Criticism is of course welcome.

What is the game system your template is for?:

Savage Worlds

Brief summary of your character template:

This is a character template for Savage Worlds. The background uses the official character sheet. You can select the dice by clicking the appropriate check boxes (if you select multiple checkboxes, only the highest one is taken into account). The trait actions then automatically use the selected die type when rolling, including a Wild die. The bonus next to the dice icons is added.

Untrained skill rolls are done by a separate action.

Since there is no mechanism for drawing cards to determine initiative, I have broken the system down to rolling a d26, which approximately has the same probabilities as drawing cards. The system is not perfect of course, but it is the best I could come up with. There is still an action to draw a card when it is required.

The other checkboxes for states like Shaken etc. don’t do anything yet. I’m not sure if I keep them. Right now they are just a visual hint for players.

Please refer to the character sheet notes for more information.

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

This character sheet was not yet playtested! We plan to play in the next few weeks, but I thought I link it here regardless. Maybe there are some obvious things I did wrong. I’ll update it once playtesting was successful.

Hi, as an user i cant dowload it with the link. Can you creat a game with me and assing a copy of it for me please? Im trying to create one myself, but the struggle is real. Lol
User Stifa

I’ve sent you an invite.

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Would love to give this a shot, but the link isn’t giving me access to the sheet. Any other way you can share it? We’ve got a Deadlands campaign starting up and I’d love to use Astral over Fantasy Grounds if possible.

This link is in the user’s private account which is why you cannot open the link.

Once the sheet has been reviewed it will be made publicly accessible for review.

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Would also really appreciate access to this

I don’t know how to grant you access.

No problem. Fingers crossed it gets approved for public access soon. Thanks!

The creator of the sheet can create a game just for sharing sheets.

Anybody that would like a copy of the unapproved sheet can request an invite to that game and the creator can assign a copy of the sheet to that player once they have received and accepted the invitation.

From there the player can save the sheet to their own Vault for use in their own games.

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I’ve invited @facemagoo and @LeibyChristopher to a game.


Thanks for doing this! I’ll play around with the sheet this week. Looks good so far though.

I’m about 6 characters in now and I honestly get rid of a lot of the actions every time and have added a second page for gear and background stories notes and whatever else they want to keep track of.

So far it’s a great sheet. I keep the master clean and safe as it was given to me as a base sheet with formula that while I may not use every time I might still want access to them the next time

Thank you for sharing this sheet

Awesome, good job my friend!

If possible i would love an invite too for that template :slight_smile:

Would anyone of you who have been invited be so kind to invite me? xD

Hi @Abkjaer86

Only the game creator can invite players to the game.

As LaMorte noted unfortunately we aren’t able to do so. Erring on the side of caution seems like we can’t really even share it ourselves to you in a game without the creators permission. Just based on a (Protect my own arse) reading of the Guidelines also,

Actually @LeibyChristopher we actively encourage it. Not the breaching of copyright by any means, but the sharing of techniques to get complicated rolls and Stats to work. :wink:

Ah I took it to mean as I am not the creator of the character template sharing it would be sharing his creative property hence my hesitancy to do so. Is this understanding wrong?

The reason users, in general and not necessarily the specific, terms post their creations here is to allow other users the opportunity to play those game systems without the trouble of building your own.

I feel it is in the spirit of Astral that you be allowed to share anything that has been posted freely in Community Content.

Just don’t take credit for someone else’s work, and don’t charge for it.

Sounds good to me and makes since also

Thanks for clearing it up