Saga Edition Character sheet

New member here, I’m running a Star Wars Saga Edition game and while Saga Edition is listed in the systems list on the site when setting up a game, there’s no built in character sheet for it only the use of the admittedly complicated programming system of adding in callouts and setting up calculations that I don’t think can be done as a GM to make a new sheet to roll out to each player.

I’d love there to be a sheet added in.

Hi @Mikkaddo and welcome to the Forums

Setting up a character sheet is actually not that difficult. So far I’ve created 10, and busy on an 11th.

Unfortunately, until somebody steps up and creates a sheet for the system…

I would suggest that you post a request for the character sheet for this system, if you aren’t interested in, or don’t feel that you are able to, create a sheet yourself, in the Community Content section of the Forums.

I’m going to be closing this post as not a Feature Request, but I encourage you to reach out in the Community Content section, or to reach out to us on Discord if you decide that you’d like to take a shot at creating the sheet yourself.

// Closed - Not a Feature Request