Runequest Glorantha Character Template

Runequest Glorantha Template
I have not created anything like this before, and I am not that tech savvy, but would love for someone to have a look at the Character template, and let me know how this is, any advice etc. You will see that the template has been created from the Official Chaosium Character Sheet (imported)

I created this as there was not a Runequest Glorantha Character Template on Astral.

Hopefully this is the link for you (as I say I am not that tech savvy, so fingers crossed it will work)



Link doesnt work for me…would love to take a peak though^^

Hi @Effigy,

Templates created by users are private by default. But we post sheets to the “Community Content” so that mods know that we have a new sheet.

From here, mods will check them out, test them, and contact the publisher (asking for permission) before including them officially.

Users who really want to test the sheets before all this happens, usually coordinate to create a “dummy” game with the owner of the sheet as a GM. The owner/GM can then include a character and assign it to players so they can in turn export to their vault.

Thanks a lot, I really hope it gets accepted I need to run an Astral RuneQuest (crossing my fingers too ^^).

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Hi, I am interested in running a Runequest: Glorantha game too. I am in the process of creating a character sheet (from uploading the official pdf :slight_smile: ). Before I go any further, is there a way I can see/review your sheet? I would love to give feedback and make use of it. I am just wondering how to create calculated attributes. Hmm.

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I’m also keen to do some RQG on Astral - and would be grateful to be invited to join a dummy game to see what folk have managed, and very happy to contribute, too.

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Hello, I hope that something has been done to make a RQ: Glorantha character sheet, If not I would like to be directed to posts which will help me build one. Thanks.

@badril, I’d recommend that you start by browsing Astral’s Help page:

If you still have questions, feel free to ask here (most people ask in the Tutorials category) or over at Discord.

I have made a Runequest Character Sheet for Runequest Glorantha. Maybe someone from Astral could take a look at it. I have placed it in a Game called Glorantha by Doubledutchy ( If anyone needs access to this, then drop me a message with your details so that I can give you access to it (or at least try to) cheers - Doubledutchy

I’d like to check out your sheet, Doublebuchy. My username is AllenOwen

Hi There, I have sent you an invite to the game where I have saved the Character Sheets, hopefully that will work, but if not here is the link


Hi there, hopefully you should be able to open the character sheets now. Let me know what you think, any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers Doubledutchy