Round tokens and full illustrations

On the map, we find round bust (head and shoulder) tokens are easier to see and show more detail of the face. We call them rounds, to differentiate from other tokens (like furniture or top-views).
%40maria%20neri%20round%20small ice%20serpent%20ROUND%20small

But it’s also helpful and cool to see a front view of the character’s full body to see clothing, weapons, whatever.
%40maria%20neri%20small ice%20serpent%20small

I’d like to upload full art, and have Astral create the round. There should be an easy way for players to click on rounds of NPCs to see the full portrait.

This would really let us make the most of the artwork we use.

TokenTool is available for free (just Google it) and it does a brilliant job. For Astral to do the same thing it would need to be able to identify what part of the image you would actually want inside the ring.

Sure, but that’s easy. The user just drag selects the area to turn into a round.

Also, Token Stamp is a lot easier to use and produces better quality icons. Check it out:

There is an older Feature Request (humbly, not so humbly?) posted by myself to allow multiple images to be used for character tokens. Perhaps this Feature Request should append to that one to focus the topic?