Roll syntax for body part with d10

Hi, is there a formula if I throw a d10 and want to associate a body part to a number? For exemple, if I roll a 0 = HEAD, and 1,2,3,4,5= TORSO etc.

In my game I roll 3 dices. d20 to hit, d10 for body part, d6 for damage. So the syntax is simple : !(d20) !(d10) !(d6)

But I would like to get for exemple (16) (0=HEAD) (4).

Thanks for the help.

Hi @Lefort_Stephane. Welcome to the forums.

You can create custom dice using the built in language. As an example, in the system that I play, a d20 is used for determining hit locations. The table is:

1-2: Head
3-5: Right Arm
6-8:Left Arm
9-14: Torso
15-17: Right Leg
18-20: Left Leg

Here is what the code looks like:

!(1d[Head,Head,Right Arm,Right Arm,Right Arm,Left Arm,Left Arm,Left Arm,Torso,Torso,Torso,Torso,Torso,Torso,Right Leg,Right Leg,Right Leg,Left Leg,Left Leg,Left Leg])

I hope that helps.

You can also find more here:

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Wow fantastic. It work perfectly! Many thanks for the really fast answer! Really appreciate it.

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Anybody mind if I close this as resolved?

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