Reroll for Totem System // New synthax dice


The Totem System is a mechanic roleplaying game rules designed by Julien Blondel
(cf : presentation page)
It uses for two games : Vermine 2045 edited by Studio Agate and GODS edited by Arkhane Asylum Publishing (and created by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme et Julien Blondel).

The problem is the reroll functions.

In the Totem System game, character (PC)'s skills have two values. The first add dice in the pool for the check and the second is the number dices can be rerolled for a skill check.

Exemple my Hunter have a Might 3 Attribute and Hunter 2/1 Skill. So I roll 5 dices (3+2) and I can reroll 1 failed dice only.

Is it possible in the synthax to limited the number dice to reroll ?
For example :
5d10rol2<=6 # Reroll 2 max dices with a value less or equal than 6.