Request: tutorial for trigger usage and features

The video on how to make triggers shows a very simplistic way of using triggers to show once a picture, but it does not show any usage of the other trigger option or how to set up anything more than 1-2 trigger buttons.

As far as I tinkered with it, I can sort of create triggers to reveal/hide a visual element on the main screen and set it up to either be prompt GM or use-freely-by-PCs. I failed to connect triggers to doors/lighting system (create secret rooms that players can reveal) and make multiple uses of the same trigger without going back to Edit mode.

As Edit mode is not in-real-time editing, so players have to wait for the app to update or even refresh the page (the stock picture of the anvil from the tutorial didn’t show immediately after saving for a player friend, bug?), I’d like a guide with advanced usage of triggers and if possible, the expansion of their usage.

The main points I’m interested in:

  • Players able to use triggers to reveal secret rooms
  • Players able to use triggers to prompt a dice roll + linked to success check to reveal item/door
  • GM able to use triggers multiple times without resetting (as toggles)
  • Triggers able to activate upon reveal with line of sight of the PCs (I so want to make a slenderman, but it’s too much work to do it manually)

Many thanks to the astral team for the new platform! We can finally play pixel art RPGs with real-time-generating plot (yes, that’s what I’m working on!)

What I have done is create two Triggers for each action, one reverses the effects of the other.
There is currently no way to show and hide rooms, as that would entail editing Dynamic Lighting with a trigger, which would in turn require multiple setups for Dynamic Lighting.
What you COULD do is create an image that covers the “hidden room” that is hidden when activating a trigger that you have created for that purpose.

The official tutorial for Trigger can be found at

This Link is broken.

Hi @Vitornis! Welcome to the community! The link shared was from our previous Knowledge Base. The new KB can be found here:

The link to the specific help document for Triggers can be found here:

There’s also a short YouTube video here:

Hope this helps! It might also be helpful to join the community via Discord, as there’s a bunch of super helpful people that are usually around. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

@Howel, I’ve made a note to work on an Advanced Trigger Tutorial in the future, thanks for the suggestion!

Triggers haven’t been linked to Dynamic Lighting yet, or tokens, but there are feature requests for both of those items. If that’s something you’d want to see implemented, please drop a vote and a comment on those feature requests so they get more exposure. We prioritize new work based off of community feedback, so it’s seriously considered.

As for the parts about toggleable on/off switch triggers and triggers that activate with LoS, those are both excellent feature requests, I don’t think they’ve been proposed yet but really cool ideas! Feel free to make feature requests for those two points for the community to vote on.