Request: Blackboard/Drawing over the map

Hi! I would like to be able to draw basic things to indicate to my players, or have them draw on the map to strategize. It would be nice to have to ability to toggle layers of drawing too, or even simply toggling all of the “ink” altogether. This adds another layer of interactivity between players and GMs. Thank you!

This would have helped a lot in a game I ran Tuesday… I wanted to show that a valley was full of water and wanted to just scribble green into it.

This feature is in the pipeline. If you check the player menu you will see mention of “Drawing (coming soon)” or something to that effect.

Cross fingers and wait is my current suggestion. The devs are hard at work introducing new features that are game changing so will likely not be getting to this in the very near future, but Soon™.

I understand this feature will take some time before it arrives, but I just want to second how useful it would be.
Being able to sketch on temporary changes to the battlefield - I’m thinking of all the Webs, Grease patches and churned earth my wizard throws around - would be very convenient!

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